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This package of three products are made to deal will great difficulties woman have these days, one is more serious than others.

Some women are born with birth defect organs and gland malfunctions such as thyroid gland for instance, others face chronic mistreat, untreated and occult infections, clogged ovaries, twisted uterus, endometritis. Those conditions will produce different symptoms.

Premenstrual syndromes: headache, cramp, back pain, dizziness because of these symptoms the person will be depressed.

Abnormal bleeding: heavy blood, coagulation, darken, fool smell at the end of period.

Discharge whitish, yellowish discharge or stain in the panties.

Formation of cysts then fibroids, polyps, abnormal adhesion.

Painful intercourse, bleeding afterward.

Sensitive, painful breasts with blood, milk or pus

Head: sporadic or steady headache, lighted head, poor vision

Heat: heat into mouth, anus or vagina.

Swelling neck base, voice changed

Infertility: frequent miscarriage, unable to get pregnant at all.

Then early menopause with all the symptoms: hot flashes, mood swings, dryness, frigidity, insomnia, hair loss, thyroid imbalance, constipation, water retention, arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes, heart malfunction, etc.

This package is to protect the integrity of woman reproductive system.

Woman dock
Thyroid dock

It is one week supplies, please, do it for 4 weeks while avoiding certain food such as: coffee, dairy, white sugar, white flour, red meat, fried foods, soda, alcohol or anything that is with yeast.

Take 2 tablespoons twice a day after food, keep it in cool, dry place.

Do not use this product if pregnant or nursing, consult your physician


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