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Extra pound is not only over size matter, but it poses a serious concern for people’s health. Disease such as: cholesterol, breathing trouble, diabetes, atheteriosclerosis, heart malfunction, arthritis, acid reflux, constipation, snoring, etc.

Therefore, it is important to reduce the body’s size in cutting soda, white flour, dairies, exercise on daily basis will help but “ WEIGHT LOSt CONTROL” a great supplement that will accomplish the goal by burning the parafat that becomes part of the body, enhances the capability of the thyroid doing effectively its job, detoxifies the liver so it can better lubricate the system, stabilizes the adrenal gland in producing the stress hormone “cortisol”, encourages the colon to eliminate the chocolate, cake, donut, ice cream, hot doc, the fried porc, chicken, corned beef, pasta, rice & bean those are as old as you then make you look aged and sick walking.

Weight loss control is not only help you the weight but control the way you loose it so you do not have the fur skin and stretch mark

Remember that you do not have to get big belly to be obese, since you get more weight than your height then you are.

Take two tablespoons twice a day before food, keep it in cool, dry place, then drink room temperature water, do not over fill your stomach.

Weight Lost Control - ECHWL

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