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Blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood to various parts of the body from the heart and the lungs are called veins. Those veins must be clean and healthy in order to properly do the job; sometimes, lack of circulation, gravity or other related health issues inhibit those veins to perform their functions then retain blood and fluid and at that point we talk about varicose veins. Those anomalies are generally seen in the legs but varicose veins develop in anus area and they are called hemorrhoids. Whenever those veins appear in the face we say facial veins. Because they always covered, people do not pay much attention to them.

Basically varicose veins do not cause any trouble unless there is cardiovascular matter or other problems somewhere else. If they start getting painful, restrain movements, they need to be taken seriously. Whoever gets varicose veins have to naturally work on them to avoid further damages like lack of circulation, anemia, tangling pain, breading difficulties, heart issues, fatigue, bad looking, etc


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