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This herbal supplement provides many gynecological health benefits to women who are to conceive during a short or long period of time. Fertilite Elmot Dock helps to improve ovulation trouble, premenstrual syndrom, breast swelling, lack of libido, etc. This product addresses numerous other female concerns like irregular menstrual cycles, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, fibrocystic breat, infertility, progesterone deficiency, elevated prolactin level, perimenopause, milky breast.

It has the unique ability to affect the regulation of women hormone via actions upon the hypothalamus, the pituitary glands which in turn affect ovarian follicle functions and increase progesterone production.

Fertilite Elmot is perhaps the most widely used herbal supplement for female reproductive problems and is very effective in controlling ectopic pregnancy, iscarriage, stillbirth, hirsutism, nulliwomen.

Made of viola odorata, alchemila vulgaris (lad), achillea millefolium (ya), rose hip, dioscorea, angelica root, false vervain, etc.

Elmotea- 4 OZ

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