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Adrenal disorder can be a serious problem for people who do not pay attention to the various adrenal deficiency symptoms such as: chronic fatigue syndrome, water retention, unwanted weight loss, hypotension, nervousness, long term depression, craving for salt, sleep disturbance, digestive troubles (acid reflux, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, and stomach heaviness). If something is not done to resolve these problems, one could end up with Addison's disease, Enfant microcephaly syndrone, Cushing's syndrone in children (sunlike face, small or big head, big ears, big lips etc.

Adrena Elmot is the tonic to stabilize the adrenal functions. adrenal glands are very important in the function of the human body. They take over at menopause time; adrenal glands allow the women to get the perfect kids. Adrenal malfunction is responsible for the hussitism


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