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Dr. Elmot Clervil

Elmot Clervil Heath

I am a doctor of Naturalistic Medicine. I use herbs and natural diets as tools to rebuild and maintain the human immune system. What I do is pretty simple - as a practitioner of natural medicine, I advise people on how to better improve their health naturally. 

All Naturally


Our goal is to provide you with the best health advise possible so that you can make better decision on how to balance your mind, body and spirit. Our Natural Health Consultant will interview you and propose a unique plan just for you.


There are many phases in our cleansing and healing process and we'll make sure we start with you at the beginner's level to help you assimilate comfortably with our products. We encourage you to call, or have a loved one, a friend call us today to schedule an appointment for a personal consultation.

We are here to serve you and we'll make sure you get the results you are looking for.

Clean Yourself from the inside and live a much healthier life

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